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33ADPT is the 3,3V - BDM12 adaptor for the HC12POD.

This adaptor is simply plugged in between a 3,3V target and a 5V BDM  cable like the known 6pin BDM flat cable.

33ADPT makes the conversion of the 3,3V BDM signals to  the 5V signals of BDM - POD and vice versa.

The adaptor can be used for all 5V - BDM12 - POD's  with TTL input levels and with a own 5V power supply. The 5V BDM signals to the target are cut of at 3,3V level.

An integrated low drop voltage regulator on to the 33ADPT can power the target  with 3,3V @ ca. 100 mA from the power supply of the POD.

  • BDM-Clocks up to 25 MHz
  • the signal 'EClock'  from target to the POD is usable
  • target supply voltage, if powered from POD: 3,3V +-2% ca. 100mA
  • bottom isolated
  • dimensions: ca. 50 x 30 x 10 mm









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