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The  BDM12 Source Level Debugger !

The Debugger uses the HC12 / HCS12 processor's background debug mode ( BDM12 ) to emulate all on-chip recources (In Circuit Debugger). With that it is possible to read or write memory locations inside an running (!) target system.


Technical Data :

  • Support of the HCS12 / HC12 derivatives up to 25MHz / 8 MHz BDM speed : A4, B32, BC32, D60, DG128, D60A, DG128A,9S12DP512, 9S12Dx256, 9S12Dx128, 9S12Dx64, 9S12C32, 9S12E128, 9S12E64,9S12UF32,9S12NE64,S12XDx512. The 9S12Axxx series is also supported.
  • Motorola S-Record ( S1 / S2 ) download
  • Paged code memory support ( 812A4 and DA/DG/DT128 and Dx256 ) up to 4 MByte
  • On-chip EEPROM and FLASH programming ( 8 MHz , 4 MHz Eclock) function's for all HC12 / HC12A variant's
  • On-chip EEPROM and FLASH programming function's for all Clocks for HCS12 variant's
  • Open user programming interface for off-chip / onboard memory
  • Unlimited number of  softwarebreakpoints in RAM or EEprom ( even in paged mode )
  • Breakpointmanager support HC12 / HCS12 on-chip hardwarebreakpoints for code and data access
  • Support for the new DBG12 - debug module of the 9S12C / 9S12E / 9S12NE / S12XD - family
  • Source Level debugging for the known ICC12 C-compiler
  • Display of global and local variable's insite a function call
  • ALD © Assembler Listing Debugging
  • Compatible with many Mapfile format's ( Cosmic, Hiware, MCUez, Assembler AS ) for access to symbolic variable's in assembler language debugging
  • Compatible via convertor with ELF/DWARF2 - Format
  • Compatible with P&E's-Mapfile format  for Source - Level - Debugging
  • Powerful symbol editor and project editor
  • Support for symbolic registernaming



 Layout :


Click on the image to see a full-size version ! 

  • User selectable target coupling ( Run, Stop, Reset,Special mode reset )
  • Context sensitive help for most of the functions
  • Running under Windows 3.1x ... XP
  • Disassembling of memory array's to file
  • 3 big windows for hexadezimal view of memory or register array's

    The debugger HC12ICD require for working an interface module between the BDM12 - levels from the target and the RS232-levels of the personal computer. These interface modules are in colloquial speech named as POD (*) . HC12ICD is working with HC12POD or with Oliver Thamm's ComPOD12.
     (*)  Processor Oriented Device

E-Mail - Support free of charge at :

support ( at ) krummsdorf.de included !

For Evaluation see in the download section !


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 Last update : 12-29-2008

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